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This is the second ''oeuvre'' that I bought from Louise Smith... This one fits perfectly right beside the other one, since they seem to be in the same series. Both are amazing works! Amazing is even a little word when I look at both of the work... It'll be better if I'd add that they're tremendously amazing beautiful works, with both an hint of revolted gesture and fine fragile lines. To tell you the truth, if you have some investment to make this year on art... Think of Louise Smith and spend on Louise Smith, it is a name I'm sure we will hear and hear of over and over again for the next several years! The packaging is as perfect as the ''OEUVRE'' is perfectly beautiful! Thanks again... Mrs Smith! Benoît Tremblay, a french Canadian visual artist


These were part of my first Artfinder order and they arrived timeously and in beautiful wrapping with a little card from Louise with was a beautiful touch. The paintings both acrylic and canvas were gorgeous and went incredibly well with my décor. I have taken pictures of them now that they are framed but the pictures just don't do them justice. They are lovely mounted and framed. I am absolutely delighted with them and am looking at more of Louise's work to fill another large wall with her paintings. Highly recommend!! Thank you Louise.


Another beautiful painting from Louise. The quality of her work is superb. She takes great care when packaging her work and I highly recommend her.

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